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Access to data has become easier than ever before. Almost any information needed is easily obtained from the Internet. The ease of access to data has also increased the importance of data. Many businesses today are constantly scraping data from web pages using a web scraping API. They even find and prefer the best web scraping API for this. But did you know that businesses that need to be extracted data so much can improve their web scraping processes with proxies?

Confidentiality, security, and continuity are very important in web scraping processes. For this reason, it is very important to include proxies with a web scraper API to be used in web scraping processes. In this article, we will examine the contribution of proxies to web scraping processes and get acquainted with today’s most popular web scraping API that provides proxy support.

How do Proxies Enhance the Web Scraping Processes?

Proxies are an intermediary server between the website you want to scrape and your app. When you make a request to any web page with the application, this request is first sent to the proxy server. Then the proxy server sends the request to the target web page according to your configurations.

Some of the benefits provided by proxies in web scraping processes are:

Prevent IP blocking: Websites usually use some IP blocking tools to prevent data scraping from web scrapers. If an IP address performs operations that increase traffic, IP blocking tools can detect and block this IP address. Using a proxy server provides regular IP rotation in web scraping processes and ensures seamless web scraping.

Increasing privacy: Proxies used to prevent IP blocking also directly increase privacy. Target websites can not see your IP address and your identity is hidden.

Location-based scraping: Some websites may restrict access to their content based on a specific geographic location. It is possible to circumvent these restrictions by using a proxy server located at your desired location.

Zenscrape API: Best Web Scraping API With Proxy Pool in the Market

home page of zenscrape api, the best web scraping API

Zenscrape API is one of the most popular web scraping APIs used by developers in the market. It is used by many large businesses such as Geekflare and Css-Trick.

Zenscrape API allows users to create automated processes and eliminate pauses in web scraping processes. For this, this API offers its users a large proxy pool with millions of IP addresses. There is also an automatic IP rotation service. For all these feature, users do not need to make any additional development.

The accuracy of the extracted data is quite high. It uses JavaScript rendering technology for this.

It integrates easily with all programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby. In addition, it supports all front-end frameworks. Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, and more.

How to Use the Zenscrape API?

Using the Zenscrape API is quite simple and fast. It is an easy-to-use API. In this section, we will start using this API in just a few steps.

To use the Zenscrape API, we need to obtain an API key. For this, let’s first sign up for one of the economical subscription plans that Zenscrape offers.

Now let’s make an HTTP GET request to the following URL with any API testing tool like Postman.

The HTML response we got as a result of this request is as follows:

html response of the zenscrape api


Considering all of these, the use of proxies gives businesses and developers significant advantages in web scraping. Automation of processes, increasing privacy, and security are among these. Especially recently, web scraping APIs with a proxy pool offer their users fast and uninterrupted web scraping processes without the need for any proxy configuration.

Sign up​ for the Zencrape scraper API immediately, and quickly extract data with its large proxy pool.


Q: What Are the Most Popular Web Scraping Tools?

A: There are many web data scraping tools in the market for web data extraction. The most popular of these tools are as follows.

  • Zenscrape API
  • Zenserp API
  • SerpAPI
  • ScrapingBee API
  • ScrapingAnt

Q: What Features Should a Web Scraping Tool Have?

A: There are some features that a web scraping tool should have when scraping data from a web page. With these features, a web scraping tool can extract data easily, quickly, and uninterrupted.

  • Proxy pool
  • IP rotation
  • Location-based scraping
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Providing structured data

Q: What Are the Contributions of Proxies to Web Scraping Processes?

A: There are many advantages that proxies provide to their users in scraping data from web pages. Proxies provide privacy in data collection processes from web pages, prevent blocking, ensure a fast process, and increase security.

Q: Does the Zenscrape API Do Location-Based Web Scraping?

A: Yes it does. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, Zenscrape API provides a location-based web scraping service for scraping content specific to only certain locations.