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Our web scraping API handles all problems that are related to web scraping. Website HTML extraction has never been so easy!

100% what users see
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Lightning fast

Response times are everything. Our API is among the fastest you will find in the industry.

No QPS limitation

Our API always provides enough performance, no matter how many requests you submit.

Easy-to-use API

Our scraping API returns a JSON object that contains the HTML markup of the related website.

Proxy servers for every use case

From datacenter proxies to residential IPs: we offer proxy servers for any kind of project and use case. All proxy types are available with headless browsers.

3 Locations
Standard proxies

Suitable for business websites that do not require overly exact geotargeting and do not hinder web scraping. Our standard proxy servers are affordable and fast.

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300+ Locations
Premium proxies

Some websites hinder webscraping by using captchas or vary content depending on your location. This is where our residential IP network comes into place.

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30+ Million IPs
IP Rotation - Get valid results only

Never get blocked again! Each single one of your request is allocated to a different IP from our IP-Pool containing over 30+ million IP addresses. Our scraping API accesses IPs from all over the world, without comprimizing speed. In case a request fails, our API automatically retries with another IP. Hence, you will only receive valid responses.

Get exactly what users see

All API requests are executed in modern headless Chrome browsers. These render websites in the exact same way as real browsers would do it. You can focus on code-parsing, while we take care of data aggregation.

Javascript Rendering

Javascript often has a great impact on what the user actually sees on a website. To ensure you retrieve what real users see, we render Javascript.

Supported Frameworks

Websites using Vue, React or other front-end frameworks are no longer a problem.

Pricing & Plans

We offer pricing plans for every use case. All contracts can be canceled, upgraded or downgraded at any time.



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Monthly Credits1.000250.0001.000.0003.000.000
Concurrent Requests11025Unlimited
JS Rendering
Standard Proxies
Premium Proxies
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Use cases

There are endless use cases for a web scraping API. These are the most common ones. Let us know

Web crawling

Our scraper API is the perfect tool to crawl any website. This includes websites that impose CAPTCHAs, IP Blacklisting and all other Anti-Bot measures. Stop spending your time for server setup and maintenance tasks. Let us do the work!

Price & Product Information

Monitor prices and product information, such as availability and reviews, etc. Our web scraper API enables you to build a fully automated pricing and investment strategy, by monitoring prices and product trends.

Sales Leads

Getting contact data is not difficult - getting highly targeted leads is! Use our scraper API to automatically scrape contact information from websites that fit your target group and let your sales team spend their time on the right leads.

Customer Reviews

Scrape review platforms and them in a normalized and structured format. Our scraper API enables you to gather messy review data that are spread all over the internet, in one place and turn them into meaningful customer insights.

Job & Hiring Data

Scrape vacancies from job boards and career pages to analyze the hiring strategy of other companies. Our web scraping API enables you to find out their number of vacancies, hiring focus, and other valuable pieces of information.

Real Estate Data

Scrape real estate data from real estate platforms to understand the current market situation and development, or build a watch alert for properties that match your specific criteria. These information are indespensible when making smart purchasing decisions.

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