Ayesha Published: January 30, 2023 · 4 minutes read

As developers, we know that web data scraping becomes a lifesaver for many purposes. The reason is that we collect the data and then parse data in a reusable way. When we want to web scrape sites, we must do it with the safest tips and tricks. It is because we all know the importance of accurate and right data.

Since we are web scrapers with amazing experience, we have listed a few amazing tips in this article. Through these tips, you can get the most out of data scraping. Let’s continue reading and scraping data with high quality and accuracy.

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What Is Web Scraping?

There are so many definitions of web scraping. However, the simplest one says that it helps in data extraction from various websites. The purpose of data extraction through web scraping is to reuse it for various purposes.

Businesses that rely on data harvesting, use web scraping data. Some other uses are lead generation, price comparison, real estate listings, e-commerce, etc.

What Are The Seven Best Tips To Web Scrape Data?

Although web scraping has gained a lot of importance, some people still fail to perform it with perfection. Here are seven tips that we can follow to get our desired data with accuracy.

Respect the Users & The Website’s terms While You Web Scrape

We must know a website’s terms and which pages the website owners allow to scrape. All of this information is given in the robot.txt file. It will also tell us the frequency at which web scraping is allowed.

Note that intensive web scraping can also lead to poor user experience on a website. Therefore, you must respect website rules. Otherwise, your IP addresses will get blocked.

Simulation of a Human Behaviour

The main goal of web scraping is to collect the data faster than we do it manually. However, experts recommend web scraping the data slowly. The browsing speed can indicate it easily when performing web scraping at a fast rate. Therefore, we must go for random delays to web scrape our data. We should also perform random clicks and house movements.

Detection of Being Blocked When You Web Scrape the Data

We must know that most websites want privacy and don’t want to scrape their data. The data-scraping tools are installed on those sites that will block the web scraper’s IP address. This will give us a 403 error code.

However, we might not know in some cases when we are blocked. We can solve this problem by keeping a record of logs. A very short response time is a great indicator that the website is giving false data.

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Taking Measures to Avoid Being Blocked Again

When we visit the website as regular users, the website reads our user agent. It is composed based on user behaviors such as the browser, its version, and the user’s device. Visitors without user agents are considered bots. We can avoid it by writing different user agents and regularly rotating between them.

Using Headless Browser To Web Scrape Data

We must know that there exist websites that are unavailable for web scraper cloud through raw HTML documents. We solve this problem using a headless browser to get relevant data. The reason is that a headless browser renders all the content using JavaScript. We say this approach is an advanced way to simulate human behavior.

Using the Correct Proxies and Best Web Scraping Tools

The anti-scraping systems first look at the IP address of the web scraper. On detection, we get blocked from the site. A proxy will show a different IP address than your actual address. Using the best web scraping tools can also help us from getting blocked. Premium tools and proxies allow us to bypass any geographical restrictions and help us scrape complicated websites.

Building a Web Crawler to Web Scrape a Website

Experts and developers associate web crawlers with a web scraping API. The crawler feeds the URLs to our APIs through which we collect data. It also helps us to update the list of URLs. Moreover, we also get some rules to check which URLs to scrape and which ones to ignore.

Final Thoughts

Web scraping can also help a lot of digital businesses in important decisions making processes. However, it is important that we respect the privacy of a website and its users when using programming languages to get data. The tips above can help us scrape data with perfection and authenticity without getting blocked.


Is It Legal to Web Scrape the Webpages?

We can check a website’s rules and learn about legal web scraping pages to extract information from web servers.

Is Web Scraping Free?

It depends on which tool we use for extracting data.

Is Web Scraping Unethical?

Web scraping is not unethical unless we don’t follow the website terms and policies.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping helps us access data from multiple websites’ HTML pages for market research companies.

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