Christoph Leitner Published: November 4, 2021 · 11 minutes read

Rotating proxies offer several great benefits for advanced web scraping tasks. Since most popular websites implement anti-scraping technologies that identify abnormal activities, especially a surge in traffic from a single IP address, using rotating proxy services and residential IPs is a good way of avoiding being blocked and extracting data successfully. With such services, it’ll appear that several real users from different locations are browsing the site at the same time, ensuring you stay under the radar and grab that sweet data.

However, with the multitude of proxy services available out there, it can be difficult to find a provider that offers an excellent service. Therefore, to assist you to make a decision on the right one to choose, we’ll review the 15 best rotating proxy services in 2023.

Our review will focus on the following two main parameters:

  • Features: We’ll evaluate the types of features that each of the proxy services offers for rotating IP addresses.
  • Price: We’ll look at the cost of using each of the proxy service providers.

Rotating Proxies – TL;DR

Here’s a table that we developed to rate the different proxy providers. Click on any of the providers to view the detailed review.


Service Provider

Our Overall Rating



4.6 / 5



4.4 / 5



4.3 / 5


NetNut 4.1 / 5


Storm Proxies

4.4 / 5



3.9 / 5



4.2 / 5



3.9 / 5



4.1 / 5



4.4 / 5


Blazing SEO

4.3 / 5


IP Ninja

3.8 / 5



4.3 / 5



3.8 / 5



4.1 / 5

Rotating Proxy Services

1. Zenscrape Proxies

proxy rotator

Remarkably, Zenscrape is more than a classical proxy API, as it does not burden you with managing and rotating proxies – it’s done for you automatically, unlike most of the other proxy services. This makes it suitable for large-scale web scraping projects.

Features: Zenscrape Proxies automates proxy rotation, so you can focus on handling extracted data.

Currently, Zenscrape Proxies provides residential proxies from over 130 countries’ locations and a pool of more than 8.5 Million IP addresses.

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Price: Paid plans start from $65 per month for 5 GB / month to $500 per month for 100 GB / month.

2. Microleaves

random proxy

Microleaves is an extensive proxy network with a large pool of rotating proxies that you can use to evade blacklisting when scraping online content.

Features: Microleaves boasts more than 26 million residential IP addresses for performing advanced web scraping tasks. It has three categories of high-speed proxies: back-connect proxies (alter IPs every five minutes), private dedicated HTTP proxies, and shared HTTP proxies. All its proxies come with unlimited bandwidth capabilities. You can choose to use any of its rotating IP addresses in the U.S. or in any location around the world.

Price: Microleaves has a wide variety of plans that are priced based on the type of proxy you choose. For example, the price of 10 shared HTTP proxies starts from $15 while 10 back-connect proxy ports start from $124.99. However, it does not have a free trial for its services.

3. Luminati


Luminati offers an expansive proxy network to allow you to collect web data without worrying about being blocked or blacklisted.

Features: Luminati has more than 35 million residential peer-to-peer IPs in every location around the world. Its network consists of data center proxies, static residential proxies, rotating residential proxies, and mobile proxies—ensuring you get the right one for your needs. In each of the proxies, you can choose to use either shared IPs, which can be used by many users or exclusive IPs, which are dedicated only for your use. Each of the proxies supports unlimited concurrent sessions with high success rates. You can connect to its proxy servers via an API, a proxy manager, or a Chrome browser extension.

Price: Luminati offers a free trial account for testing its services. Afterward, you can opt for any of its bandwidth-based paid plans, which are charged according to each proxy service. For example, its popular residential proxies are priced from $10 per GB.

4. NetNut

rotating ip addresses

NetNut is a powerful IP proxy network that lets you harvest data from websites anonymously and with minimal bottlenecks.

Features: NetNut provides a remarkable collection of rotating residential IP addresses that are situated throughout the world, enabling country-level targeting as well as sticky sessions. Notably, instead of relying on peer-to-peer connections like other proxy networks, NetNut leverages the data delivery and network management capabilities of DiViNetworks to give users efficient and quality services. DiViNetworks has built a powerful worldwide proxy technology where hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide stable and performant residential IPs.

Price: NetNut offers a free 7-day trial for testing random proxy services. Thereafter, you can subscribe to any of its monthly plans, which range from $3.5 per GB to $15 per GB, depending on the bandwidth volume required.

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies provides a robust in-house technology for rotating residential IPs and harvesting online data without the risk of being banned.

Features: With Storm Proxies, you can access a pool of more than 70,000 powerful backconnect rotating proxies, residential rotating proxies, and private dedicated proxies for your web scraping needs. Its shared rotating proxies alter IP addresses after every 3 or 15 minutes, ensuring you ward off anti-scraping technologies on websites. You can select a US-based proxy, an EU-based proxy, a US+EU-based proxy, or a worldwide proxy. The private dedicated proxies are suitable for specialized activities that need intense-speed fixed IP addresses. All the proxies offer unlimited bandwidth capabilities.

Price: Storm Proxies services are priced depending on the type of proxy you choose. For example, the starter plan for residential rotating proxies is priced at $50 per month and allows you to access 5 ports. What’s more, the proxy rotator allows you to try its services risk-free for 2 days and request a refund if unsatisfied.

6. GeoSurf


GeoSurf is another popular proxy service that lets you extract content from any website without experiencing slowdowns or throttling.

Features: GeoSurf has an extensive pool of more than 2.5 million IP addresses in more than 2,000 locations around the world, which provides you with vast geographical coverage possibilities. It offers residential IPs that are based on a peer-to-peer trusted network, data center IPs that grant you access to a private network of more than 120 proxy locations, and mobile VPNs that ensure you surf anonymously on the go. GeoSurf allows you to change different residential IPs while extracting data. It also provides sticky IPs for clinging to the same IP address until you complete your activity. Furthermore, GeoSurf offers specialized proxies for accessing some sites like Instagram and Craigslist as well as specialized IP addresses that are specific to some countries like Iran and China.

Price: GeoSurf charges between $8 per GB to $12 per GB depending on the pricing plan you choose; plans start from $450 per month to more than $2,000 per month. However, it does not offer a free trial plan.

7. Oxylabs


Oxylabs offers excellent and high-speed proxy services that are tailored for fast and real-time harvesting of data from online resources.

Features: Oxylabs has different types of proxy services to suit varied use cases, including data center proxies, rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, and Socks5 premium proxies. It has more than 2 million dedicated data center proxies, which are in more than 100 locations around the world. Oxylabs also has a big pool of more than 32 million residential proxies that allow you to perform city-level targeting and get reliable extraction results. Furthermore, the proxies come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent sessions, and an unlimited number of target possibilities.

Price: Oxylabs employs a flexible pay-per-use pricing model, which varies based on your IP location API, target websites, as well as other parameters. For example, data center proxies start from $1.20 per IP and residential proxies start from $5.00 per GB.

8. Intoli


Intoli Smart Proxies boasts of a highly-customizable residential proxy network to ensure you make the most of web scraping.

Features: Intoli offers residential proxies that allow for high-volume scraping, intelligent request routing that route requests via difficult-to-detect IP addresses, and automatic request retries that retries alternate IP addresses until the extraction is successful. It has a wide collection of US-based and global IP addresses. Furthermore, the proxy services provider lets you deploy headless browsers that are configured to evade detection. You can also choose to manage your scraping sessions locally or use its robust infrastructure to persist the sessions.

Price: Intoli has three paid monthly plans: Startup plan ($200 per GB), Business ($150 per GB), and Enterprise ($100 per GB). However, it does not offer a free trial plan.

9. Smartproxy


Smartproxy provides high-quality rotating proxies to assist you in evading location-based restrictions and enhancing the outcome of your web scraping tasks.

Features: With Smartproxy, you can access a pool of more than 10 million rotating IP addresses in more than 195 locations and 8 major cities around the world. It provides unique residential proxies of desktop and mobile devices that do not share subnetworks, residential back connect proxies that alter IP addresses on every request or allow you to use unlimited sticky IPs, and US-based and EU-based datacenter proxies that accelerate data extraction. It also allows you to make several concurrent requests without any limitations.

Price: Smartproxy charges its services according to bandwidth usage. For example, its starter residential proxy plan costs $75 per month and includes 5 GB. If you go for enterprise residential proxies, you can pay as low as $3 per GB. All its plans come with a 3-day money-back guarantee.

10. Crawlera


Crawlera is a handy random proxy service that comes with robust features for taking your web scraping needs to the next level. It is part of ScrapingHub, which has a wide collection of excellent tools for harvesting online data.

Features: Crawlera has built-in intelligent IP and rotating user agents to allow you to save time managing proxies and extracting data. It keeps a database of more than 130 ban types, captchas, and response codes that assists you to evade being blocked. With Crawlera, you can simulate an actual user’s behavior, carry out automatic IP rotation and retrials, and implement persistent concurrent sessions. Furthermore, the proxy rotator supports headless browser deployment and unlimited bandwidth capabilities.

Price: Crawlera offers a free 7-day trial for using its rotating proxy services. Beyond the free plan, you can choose any of its monthly plans, which range from $25 per month to $1,000. The pricing is determined by the number of monthly requests, concurrent requests, and other factors.

11. Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO is another best rotating proxy services provider that lives up to its name by offering blazing-fast proxies to meet a wide range of use cases.

Features: Blazing SEO provides excellent proxies with unlimited threads and bandwidth, support for HTTPS/HTTP proxies and SOCKs proxies, and real 1 Gbp/s network lines. It has different servers, including Windows VPS, dedicated servers, and a combination of proxies and servers that are packaged together to give fast speeds. It supports proxies in nine countries, including the US, the UK, and Japan. Furthermore, it offers virgin IPv6 IPs that have not been used before and tons of subnets. However, it does not provide residential proxy IPs; it only provides data center IPs.

Price: Blazing SEO offers three monthly pricing plans: semi-dedicated proxies that are shared between three users and cost $2.50, dedicated proxies that are used on a per-person basis and cost $6.00, and rotating proxies that change IPs frequently and cost $11.00. It also offers a free 2-day trial for each of the plans.

12. IP Ninja

IP Ninja

IP Ninja offers top-notch real residential IP addresses for scraping online data without experiencing any blockades or performance issues.

Features: IP Ninja provides reliable residential IP proxy services that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including geo-targeting, brand protection, and price comparison. It has millions of unique IP addresses from around the world that minimize blocking, ensuring you get fast and accurate web scraping results.

Price: IP Ninja employs a bandwidth-based pricing model. For example, the cheapest plan requires a $345 minimum monthly commitment and gives you 25 GB. You can also make a minimum monthly commitment of $3,000 and get 500 GB. However, there is no free trial plan for testing its services.

13. HomeIP

HomeIP proxy

HomeIP is another excellent random proxy service that allows you to browse websites and fetch their data without experiencing any bottlenecks, such as captchas, false data, or banned accounts.

Features: HomeIP lets you access more than 13 million rotating residential IP addresses in 157 countries and 2,500 cities around the world. So, you can use it for city-level targeting and evading location-based restrictions. Furthermore, it allows you to alter your proxy every 1/10/30 minutes or persist in your scraping session for an extended period using the same IP. You can also use it to start unlimited concurrent sessions at optimal uptimes.

Price: HomeIP’s rotating IP address services are priced according to bandwidth usage. The minimum tier is priced at $200 per month and comes with a volume of 10 GB. There is also a pro tier priced from $300 per month. If you need some private features, you can request a custom price. It also offers a free 7-day trial and a 3-day money-back guarantee.

14. DSLRoot

DSLRoot proxy

DSLRoot offers a reliable solution for obfuscating your IP address and doing away with any worry of getting banned when extracting online data.

Features: DSLRoot provides access to real residential IP addresses that assist in evading detection during web scraping. Its IPs are located in more than 70 locations in 20 cities across the United States. The IP addresses are retrieved from quality domestic 4G/LTE (mobile proxy), DSL, and Cable Internet providers. It also offers a reliable API solution for integrating its services into your application.

Price: DSLRoot offers a 1-hour free trial that comes with access to 2 locations within the U.S. The paid plans are priced from $50 to $1,750, depending on the extent of the usage period—from 7 days to 12 months. The paid plans also allow you to access unlimited locations.

15. FusionProxy

proxy services

FusionProxy provides an efficient, simple, and fast way of extracting data from online resources.

Features: FusionProxy offers a reliable residential proxy network having IP addresses sourced from different 3G/LTE and Wi-Fi operators. It has a pool of more than 55,000 IP addresses from different locations across the world. With its back connect rotating proxies service, you can change IP addresses every 5 minutes and circumvent anti-scraping technologies. In a single access slot, the proxy rotator lets you access more than 300 IPs every day for automating tasks. Furthermore, FusionProxy allows you to benefit from unlimited concurrent sessions, access websites using passwords, and deploy JavaScript rendering capabilities. It also provides dedicated proxies for getting around the obstructions present in some popular websites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Price: FusionProxy adopts a bandwidth-based pricing model for using its services. The plans range from $19 per month for 10 GB to $199 per month for 249 GB. If you have some special needs, you can request a customized price. There is also a 24-hour free trial for testing its services.

Rotating Proxies: Summary

That’s our massive list of the 15 best rotating proxy services in 2023!

Whereas selecting a proxy service is usually a tradeoff between the extent of available features, price, and reliability, you can get a good provider from this list and take your web scraping efforts to the next level.

For us, Zenscrape’s amazing features, coupled with its competitive pricing, makes it stand out among the other providers of rotating IP addresses.