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Obtaining data is one of the most important issues of our time. The information that emerges from the collection of data and the analysis of this information has become the most important focus of businesses today. For this reason, businesses have entered into an attempt to obtain data from digital environments on a regular basis. The way the data is obtained from the Internet may differ. Today’s most popular data extraction method is a Python web scraping API with a web scraping proxy.

A Python web scraping API with web scraping proxies aims to provide businesses with a seamless and fast web scraping process. Businesses can use this API to create automated processes and scrape data every second. This means getting the most up-to-date data on a regular basis. So what is the role of proxies in web scraping processes? In this article, we will take a closer look at the concept of proxy and its types. Next, we’ll list web scraping APIs that have web scraping proxies.

What Is the Proxy?

When a user wants to access the Internet, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns an IP to the user. This IP also registers on the websites the user accesses. Some Internet users think that this method is not safe. Therefore, they may resort to some means. When connecting to the Internet, instead of reaching the main server directly, the technology that allows connecting to the Internet through the proxy server in between is called a proxy. In this way, users can hide their identity and browse the Internet safely. Also, a strong proxy can protect you from all kinds of dangers of the Internet.

What Are the Popular Web Scraping Proxy Types?

Many proxy types are available today, some of which contribute to web scraping processes. The preferred proxy types in web scraping processes are as follows.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies help hide users’ IP addresses and ensure their anonymity. In this way, it prevents IP addresses from being detected and blocked by the target website during web scraping processes.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies provide virtual and temporary non-physical IP addresses created in data centers. A single server can host hundreds of datacenter proxies. One of the advantages of these proxies is that they have high speed and low ping.

Rotating Proxies

The difference between rotating proxies from other proxy types is that the user’s IP address is automatically changed after a certain period of time. This feature of the rotation proxies, allows a user to avoid being tied to a single IP address and increases anonymity by cycling between different IP addresses.

Static Proxies

Static proxies are a type of proxy that has a fixed IP address and is used to access remote resources. They are a useful solution, especially for those who want to use the same IP address all the time.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies provide users with an anonymous internet experience. Because IP addresses change each time and pass over to different mobile devices. In this way, users’ real IP addresses can be easily hidden. As a result, they allow their users to browse the internet anonymously.

The Top Web Scraping APIs With Proxies

Using separate proxy pools in Web scraping processes is often costly and incurs configuration costs. Wrong configurations or wrong proxy type selection can put developers and businesses in a difficult situation, such as security vulnerability and stopping the automated structure in the data scraping process.

This section will list the web scraping APIs that can be used directly in projects where web scraping is done and does not need any extra proxy settings.

Zenscrape API

home page of the zenscrape web scraping proxy api

Zenscrape API comes at the top of this list. It is the most popular proxy pooling web scraping API today. It has proxy types to facilitate web scraping processes. Provides location-based web scraping service. In addition, it offers automatic IP rotation support.

It offers the most accurate web scraping experience thanks to JavaScript rendering technology. Thanks to its flexible structure, it easily integrates into all programming languages. It also supports all front-end frameworks. Zenscrape API has a free subscription plan. The free subscription plan is limited to 1000 requests per month.

Bright Data API

home page of the bright data proxy api

BrightData API is an interface that facilitates web scraping for users. It is a proxy web scraping API. In this way, it provides a high level of anonymization of data collection processes.

The BrightData API provides many features to its users, such as adjusting the request frequency and location.


home page of the apify

Apify is another popular web scraping API in the market. It was developed to allow users to automate their web scraping process.
It has web scraping proxies and provides integration codes of more than one programming language in its documentation.

ScrapingBee API

home page of the scrapingbee api

ScrapingBee API is another popular web scraping API. It provides its users with a large proxy pool and supports automatic IP rotation. In this way, it prevents blocking in the scraping processes.

It provides JavaScript rendering and supports all JavaScript libraries.


To summarise the above, the location of proxies is very important for both businesses and developers. Proxies provide the best and most seamless experience, while web pages need to obtain data. Many web scraping APIs nowadays have proxy pools. Many businesses prefer web scraping APIs with proxy pools and support automatic IP address switching. It saves an extra price and development costs.

Take a closer look​ at today’s most popular web scraping API. Quickly scrape data with web scraping proxies that help you automate web scraping processes.


Q: Does the Zenscrape API Automatically Rotate IP Addresses?

A: Yes it does. Zenscrape API rotates IP addresses using scraping proxies to avoid interruptions in web scraping. Web scraping with the same IP address may cause blocking by the target website.

Q: How Do Residential Proxies Work?

A: Residential proxies help users maintain their anonymity by hiding their IP addresses. It provides residential IP addresses. Residential proxies are also known as rotating residential proxies.

Q: What Does Web Scraping Proxy Types Provide?

A: There are many types of proxies. Some of these are residential Proxies, datacenter proxies, rotating proxies, and static proxies. Proxy types directly increase privacy and security in a web scraping process. It also prevents IP addresses from being blocked thanks to proxy providers and ensures a seamless web scraping process.

Q: What Is the Most Preferred Python Web Scraping API for Developers and Businesses?

A: The most preferred Python web scraping API by developers and businesses today is the Zenscrape API. This API integrates easily into any web scraping project. It has a proxy manager to prevent interruptions in the web data extraction process. It also provides proxy rotation.

Q: Does the Zenscrape API Use JavaScript Rendering Technology?

A: Yes it does. Zenscrape API uses JavaScript rendering technology to keep the accuracy of the data it provides at a high level. In this way, users scrape the data they see on the website.