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Web scraping tools form the basis of many of the current technologies. They provide the most valuable treasure to businesses and developers. Businesses and developers use a tool or API for data extraction.

With web scraping tools, businesses can create automated web scraping processes. In this way, they can extract data quickly and automatically. Especially today, many web scraping APIs are specialized in a certain subject. For example, a real estate scraping API can quickly scrape real estate data, or a review API to scrape extract reviews from any platform on the web. In this article, we’ll get to know the most used web scraping tools today and closely examine the most popular.

What are the Most Popular Web Scraping Tools

Many web scrapers are very easy-to-use tools. However, some web scraper tools may provide you with a late reply or do not use proxy servers. This is why you fail to create an efficient web scraping process. This section will list the most popular web scraping tools in use today. With these web scraper tools, you can do your general web scraping tasks easily and quickly.

Zenscrape API

home page of the zenscrape api for data extraction

Zenscrape API is a web scraping API that promises to guarantee unlimited bandwidth and provides JavaScript rendering. It provides API for data extraction, the best way to obtain data from websites for businesses and developers today.

This API contains many proxies and manages them in the best way. In this way, businesses using this API do not encounter the situation of IP blocks in any way. They can also prevent them from being affected captcha related errors. In this way, they can solve scraping tasks in the best way.

It is a very simple API to use. With a simple API call, the data of the target website can be obtained quickly. In addition, thanks to JS rendering, Zenscrape API scrapes the data that the user actually sees on the website.

Zenscrape API provides unique documentation. There is a lot of information about this API in this documentation. There are also code samples for API integration. In addition to all these, you can contact the support team for any questions or problem reports.

Zenscrape API provides today’s most popular web scraping service with multiple plans at the most affordable prices. It provides five paid subscription plans and a free plan, and paid plans start at $30 per month.

Zenserp API

home page of the zenserp api

Zenserp API is another popular web scraping API today. The most important difference that distinguishes this API from others is that this API can scrape websites that are difficult to scrape. It is specialized in this regard.

It takes merit to be able to scrape search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yandex. Not every web scraping API can provide this. Zenserp API can easily scrape the SERP data of these browsers with its powerful infrastructure.

Zenserp API is available in a free plan among the subscription plans it provides. It provides free usage for up to 50 requests per month, and paid plans start at $29.99 per month.


home page of the parsehub api

ParseHub is a cloud-based data scraping tool used to extract data from websites. It can present the data it provides in CSV, JSON, and Excel formats.

ParseHub makes data scraping fast and easy by offering predefined templates. With these templates, users can select specific data from a website and quickly collect data using the template.

Other features of ParseHub include automatic IP rotation and JavaScript rendering. It has one free plan with limited support. The fee plan is $189 per month.


home page of the scale serp api

Scale SERP API is another SERP API that provides search engine results page data. It collects data by automatically scraping Google search results.

Unlike other SERP APIs, it was customized and developed on Google. Google also provides location data.

Easy to use, Scale SERP API has a simple interface that can be used easily, even by people who do not have any programming skills.

Free for up to 125 requests per month. In addition, it has flexible paid plans, and the intro plan is just $4 for 250 requests per month.

Scraper API

home page of the scraper api

The Scraper API is another popular web scraping API used by developers and businesses today. More than 10,000 developers and businesses use it.

It has 99.9% uptime, over 50 locations, and 40 million IP addresses worldwide. It provides the data of the target website in HTML format.

The free plan of this API is limited to 7 days only and has 5000 API credits. The first paid plan is $49 per month for 100,000 API credits.


Many businesses today use web scraping tools for many reasons, such as price monitoring, market research, and obtaining user reviews. Among the web scraping tools, the importance of proxy pooling is increasing daily. In this way, you will not be exposed to situations such as IP blocking or restriction.

Scrape your web data with unlimited bandwidth now.


Q: Why do people use API for data extraction?

A: People are using API to extract data from any web page for various reasons. For example, research, analysis, monitoring, and marketing are a few of them. They can also automate web scraping processes easily. This way, they can work with a growing dataset and the most up-to-date data.

Q: What are some popular web scraping tools?

A: Some popular web scraping tools include Zenscrape API, Zenserp API, Scrapy API, Scraper API, and ParseHub.

Q: Do I need programming skills to use web scraping tools?

A: Most web scraping tools require at least basic programming skills with some web technologies, such as knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, some tools offer a visual interface that does not require coding.

Q: Does the Zenscrape API offer a free plan?

A: Yes, the Zenscrape API offers a free plan that allows users to extract up to 1.000 requests per month. Paid plans offer higher request limits and additional features.