Shubham Published: December 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read

We are living in a period where applications increasingly need and depend on data. Every technology product that facilitates human life needs data. We can talk about many more technological products such as smart robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. As you can imagine, it is very important that the error rate is minimal in these technological products.

Tests are carried out to minimize error rates in technological products and applications. So what is the raw material of these tests? Of course, it’s data. Thanks to the data, tests are made, products are revealed, and the policies of the products can be updated thanks to the data.

There are many methods of obtaining this data. You can buy the data, but when you need regular data flow with this method, it will be very costly for you. You can collect data from target sources manually, but this method will save you a lot of time if you need medium and large-scale data. So what is the best method? Of course data extraction. Let’s take a look at what this data extraction is.

What is Data Extraction

Data extraction is simply the process of collecting data from a particular source. This can be done manually or by automated means. These resources can be of many types such as web pages, databases, and file types that can hold data. It helps us to obtain data from these sources by data extraction.

Data extraction helps developers and businesses by providing a way to access and obtain data from sources in a variety of desired formats. These obtained data are saved in databases so that they can be used for many purposes after extraction.

Today, especially the area where businesses mostly extract data is web pages. The source of the data has recently become the web. Due to the increase in demand, it has become very easy to extract data from the web today. There are many APIs in the markets to provide data extraction operations for businesses to use.

Among these APIs, the data extraction API provided by Zenscrape draws attention. Especially in a system where there is a regular data extraction process, it is very important that the automated processes do not stop. Especially in the Zenscrape API, this issue provides great convenience to businesses. Thanks to the flexible and technological infrastructure of Zenscrape API, businesses can extract data without any configuration. Zenscrape API has a large proxy pool so that automated processes do not stop.

Data extraction is the first step in ETL (extract, transform, load) operations. As it is known, ETL is an important part of the best data integration strategy.

  • Extraction: Extracting data from one or more sources. Extraction finds and identifies relevant data, then prepares it for processing or transformation. Extraction allows many different types of data to be combined and ultimately extracted for business intelligence.
  • Transform: It is the process of processing the obtained data. The given sorting, cleaning, or conversion to a certain format is done.
  • Load: Upload the converted data to the corresponding location for storage.

What is the Importance of Data Extraction

Data Extraction provides businesses with data that will enable them to successfully test their products and minimize the error rates of their products. In addition, many businesses today obtain their market prices with this method and update their marketing strategies according to this data.

Benefits of the Data Extraction


The primary advantage of data extraction is that it saves time. When we want to extract medium and large-scale data, it can take months or even years to manually extract this data. When it is necessary to make changes to the extracted data, the total time becomes more and more upsetting. However, performing data extraction in an automated way will save us a lot of time.

Regular Data Flow

In many projects, especially in artificial intelligence projects, the up-to-dateness and number of data are very important. In order to reduce error rates, it is necessary to work with up-to-date and quality data. Automating data extraction processes ensures a regular flow of up-to-date data to these projects.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a company to purchase data instead of data extraction is a very costly solution. For example, performing data extraction for the web with data extraction APIs such as the Zenscrape API always provides faster and cheaper results.

Accurate Data

The accuracy of the data obtained for businesses is very important. Since the control and rules are determined by us in the operations performed with the APIs for data extraction, it allows us to obtain data with a very high accuracy rate in an automated way. Data obtained manually or purchased from different companies has a higher rate of error.

Implementing the Strategy

The benefits of data extraction to businesses are innumerable. However, the most important contribution is the updating of growth strategies with the data obtained by the growing businesses. For example, a business that sells products can obtain prices and user reviews of the same product on different websites. Businesses can take growth and development steps with this data.


In these days when the importance and usage of data are increasing, it is very important to reach the data as quickly as possible. If you want to do your data extraction process for your business quickly, discover the Zenscrape API.