Ayesha Published: November 30, 2023 · 5 minutes read

As a business owner, you must know the importance of web scraping. It helps us fetch the desired data and make business decisions more effectively. However, bringing data using web scraping can be a game changer through APIs. At the same time, there are multiple APIs available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right web scraping API can also be a challenge. 

Web scraping helps us extract valuable information from websites. Various industries use web scraping to gain insights from market research to competitive analysis. However, the efficiency and reliability of web scraping depend on the choice of the API. In this blog post, we will compare two popular web scraping solutions, ScrapingBee and Zenscrape API for web scraping. Let’s continue reading till the end.

What is Zenscrape?

Zenscrape is a top web scraping tool designed for developers. Moreover, it provides a large range of features for efficient data extraction. Zenscrape’s user-friendly API focuses on the extraction logic rather than dealing with complex infrastructure. Let’s explore some key features of Zenscrape. 


  • Prevents captchas and DDoS protection.
  • It has modern headless browsing.
  • IP rotation
  • Proxy support.
  • High concurrency capabilities.
  • Leveraging Google Search API.
  • 20+ million IP addresses
  • Premium support
  • Fast operation
  • Multiple proxy servers
  • No QPS limitation


The best part about Zenscrape is that it offers a free plan for beginners. Moreover, the paid plans start at a very affordable cost, $30 per month. Compare Zenscrape and ScrapingBee API web scraping pricing and more features here.

Zenscrape boasts a global network of data centers. As a result, it ensures low-latency access and reliable performance for users across the globe.

Top web scraping tool - Zenscrape Home Page

What is ScrapingBee?

Our second API option is ScrapingBee, the best web scraping tool. It is another web scraping solution that provides developers with a simple and scalable API. It focuses on delivering a service that is easy to integrate. As a result, it allows developers to extract data effortlessly. Let’s check the features it offers:


  • Proxy support.
  • CAPTCHA handling.
  • JavaScript rendering.
  • Multiple data format options.


It also comes with a free plan, and the basic plan starts at $49 per month. 

ScrapingBee has a global network of data centers. Hence, it ensures reliable and fast access to web data.

Now, you have learned the basics of both the APIs. Let’s conduct a detailed comparison between them to make an informed decision. 

Web Scraping API - ScrapingBee home page

How to Compare ScrapingBee and Zenscrape?

We have listed the major parameters to conduct the comparison. 

Performance and Speed

When comparing the performance and speed of Zenscrape and ScrapingBee, both platforms have impressive data extraction speeds. 

The choice between the two may depend on:

  • Specific project requirements
  • The complexity of the scraping tasks.
Metrics Zenscrape ScrapingBee
Speed Fast response times with high concurrency support Efficient data extraction with parallel requests

Ease of Use

Both APIs aim to provide a user-friendly experience. Ease of use encompasses factors like:

  • Simplicity of integration
  • The learning curve
  • The level of coding skills required.
Factors Zenscrape ScrapingBee
User Interface Intuitive and developer-friendly Simple API
Integration Easy integration with comprehensive documentation Quick integration with clear documentation
Coding Skills Minimal coding skills required Suitable for developers with varying expertise


Zenscrape ScrapingBee
Pricing Plans Transparent pay-as-you-go model,

The basic plan starts at $30. 

Pay-as-you-go with various plans,

the Basic plan starts at $49.  

Free Tier Available with limitations for small-scale projects Free trial with limited credits
Additional Costs Clear pricing structure with no hidden costs Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

Reliability and Stability

Zenscrape ScrapingBee
Uptime High uptime with a reliable infrastructure Reliable service with a track record of uptime
Customer Reviews Positive reviews emphasizing reliability Positive feedback regarding service stability


Zenscrape ScrapingBee
Proxy Support It supports the use of proxies for anonymized scraping. ScrapingBee allows proxies for enhanced privacy and geo-location masking.
IP Rotation Zenscrape facilitates the automatic rotation of IP addresses. It helps us to avoid detection and ensure smooth scraping. It enables dynamic IP rotation to prevent blocks and enhance scraping reliability.
CAPTCHA Handling It incorporates advanced mechanisms to overcome CAPTCHA challenges during scraping. ScrapingBee provides solutions to tackle CAPTCHA challenges efficiently.
Modern Headless Browsing Zenscrape supports modern headless browsing for seamless navigation and data extraction. It uses JavaScript rendering for handling dynamic content and interactions.
Leveraging Google Search API It integrates with the Google Search API for efficient and accurate search-based scraping. This API does not leverage the Google Search API for scraping purposes.
High Concurrency Capabilities Zenscrape offers high concurrency for parallel processing, enabling faster data extraction. It provides robust support for high concurrency. As a result, it allows for efficient scraping at scale.
Overcome CAPTCHA and DDoS Protection Yes, not only overcomes CAPTCHA challenges but also includes DDoS protection for enhanced security. No, does not offer specific features for overcoming CAPTCHA or DDoS protection.
Self-Service Onboarding Users can easily onboard themselves with user-friendly and self-service onboarding processes. No, onboarding may require assistance or manual setup from ScrapingBee’s support team.
Proxy Pools (Millions of IPs) It provides access to extensive proxy pools with millions of IP addresses for diverse scraping needs. No, does not offer a built-in proxy pool and relies on users to manage their proxies.

Use Cases and Industries

Use Cases/Industries Zenscrape ScrapingBee
E-commerce Price Monitoring Yes Yes
Market Research Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes
News Aggregation Yes Yes
Real Estate Data Extraction Yes Yes
Social Media Scraping Yes Yes

Account Management and Support

Zenscrape ScrapingBee
Customer Support Channels Email, Chat, Platinum Support Email, Chat, Standard Support
Response Times Quick and responsive support team Fast response times with dedicated support
Account Management Features Platinum support, Product team calls Standard support with responsive assistance


We have discussed various factors to conduct a detailed comparison between ScrapingBee and Zenscrape. However, we have seen that Zenscrape covers more features than ScrapingBee. At the same time, the choice of API depends on your specific requirements. Make sure you know all your requirements before choosing any of these APIs. Happy scraping!


Is There a Significant Difference Between Zenscrape and Scraping Bee’s Pricing Structures?

Yes. Zenscrape web scraping API pricing starts at $30, while ScrapingBee starts at $49 for the best data extraction services. 

Are There Any Limitations in the Number of Concurrent Requests and API Calls With Zenscrape and Scraping Bee?

Both ZenScrape and ScrapingBee have limitations on the number of concurrent requests and API calls.

Do Zenscrape and Scraping Bee Offer Customer Support or Assistance for Users?

Yes. Both APIs offer customer support via multiple modes, such as chat and email.

Can I Do Web Scraping With Python?

Python is considered the most suitable language for web scraping due to its amazing data analysis skills. 


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