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Today, we often hear the concept of web scraping in every field where data is a basic need, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science. In this and other areas, data needs are mostly met with web scraping Python. Python provides many Python libraries to businesses and developers. These libraries assist in processing the scraped data or can directly scrape data as well. In addition to this, it is possible to find a Python web scraping tutorial provided by the Python community.

Web scraping with Python, developers don’t have to use only Python libraries when making HTTP requests to scrape all the data from target websites. Today, many web scraping APIs have been developed integrating with the Python programming language to scrape data from target websites and parse HTML or XML files. In this article, we’ll list some tips you should consider when doing web scraping with Python. Then we will talk about the most followed way of web scraping processes.

Tips for Web Scraping Python

In this section, we will cover some points for web scraping processes with Python.

Use the Right Scraping Tools

Python has many popular web scraping libraries, the most popular being Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, and Selenium. To send HTTP requests, you can also add the Requests library to your project with ‘import requests.’ Choosing the most suitable library for your needs is one of the most important steps.

On the other hand, using a popular web scraping API is also a great advantage in web scraping processes. Developers can easily obtain data through API requests and then analyze the obtained data with Python libraries.

Configure Proxy Configurations

If you are not using a web scraping API, it is very important to configure proxy settings. You should also configure automatic IP rotation in your proxy settings so that the IP address is not blocked by the target website. This way you can create seamless web scraping processes.

Respect Website Terms of Use

Before starting website scraping, it is necessary to check the terms of use of that website and make sure that web scraping is appropriate. Some websites may prohibit web scraping or only allow it under certain conditions. For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully read the website’s robots.txt file and terms of use before using your web scraper.

Choose Data Storage Methods Carefully

The amount of data collected through web scraping can be large. It is important that datasets containing big data are stored correctly. The Python programming language can easily integrate with RDMS and NOSQL databases.

What Are the Common Ways for Python Web Scraping From Any Web Page?

There are two popularly implemented ways of web scraping. These are using Python libraries and a web scraping API.

In applications where data scraping is done on small-scale or public websites, Python libraries are a more popular option for developers and businesses. It is free to use and can be easily stretched.

However, using a web scraper API is a much more viable option, especially for large-scale and complex scraping applications. With Python libraries, extra development costs are incurred to scrape many hard-to-scrape data, such as SERP data. But a web scraping API can easily scrape data from hard-to-scrape websites. It provides a faster solution.

Zenscrape API: Extract HTML Code From Websites

home page of the zenscrape web scraping python api

Any business, large or small, can use Zenscrape API, which is a web scraping API. It is a popular API that is very easy to use.

This API can easily scrape hard-to-scrape websites. With this API, it has become easier to scrape data by bypassing the CAPTCHAs, IP Blacklist, and other Anti-Bot measures applied by websites. It provides a large proxy pool and location-based scraping.

The accuracy of the data provided by the web scraping APIs is very important. For this reason, the Zenscrape API implements the JavaScript rendering technique. It offers the most accurate data.

Developers can easily integrate it with all programming languages. In addition, it offers a free subscription plan.


In summary, almost every business or application that requires data today implements a web scraping solution. The main reason for this is that it is an affordable option, and allows for the production of fast and efficient solutions. Nowadays, Python libraries or web scraping APIs are preferred according to the scale of the applications. Zenscrape API is frequently preferred because it is developed for almost every application scale.

Explore web scraping API for every budget, and flexibly scrape data from websites.


Q: What Are the Benefits of Doing Web Scraping With Python Code?

A: Developing a web scraping project with Python offers many benefits to developers. With any Python library, developers can quickly scrape data from target websites for free with a few steps. In addition, Python provides many libraries that are useful and performant in analyzing data processes.

Q: How to Get Specific Data With Python Web Scraper?

A: When using Python, developers can use CSS selectors to extract specific data from any target website. With the CSS selectors used in the data extraction process, the developers can directly access the data they want by selecting the ‘href attribute’ for the instance.

Q: What Is the Advantage of the Web Scraper API Providing Javascript Rendering?

A: A web scraping API with JavaScript rendering offers its users the same data they see on the web pages. It will extract data by working like javascript code. In this way, the accuracy of extracting data will be at high levels.

Q: Why Use the Web Scraper API?

A: A web scraper API allows developers to create an automated process for web scraping without any additional configuration. They can work based on location, so they can access location-specific data. They also provide a large proxy pool.

Q: Is the Zenscrape API an Easy-To-Use API?

A: Yes, it is. Zenscrape API has simple bit usage. It also explains a lot of information about its use in its detailed documentation. It works fast. Thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure, it easily integrates into every programming language.