Web Scraping API: Data Extraction at Scale & Without Getting Blocked

Our web scraping API handles all problems that are related to web scraping. Website HTML extraction has never been so easy!

100% what users see
Javascript Rendering
Free Plan
Fair Pricing
Lightning fast
Response times are everything. Our API is among the fastest you will find in the industry.
Generous QPS limitations
Our API always provides enough performance, no matter how many requests you submit.
10 000+ Customers
Chances are high that you are not alone with your use case. Join our customer family!

Try our fast and easy-to-use web scraping API

This is a demonstration only. Our API provides plenty of setting parameters and filters that allow you to refine your query. For further testing, please visit our Documentation

		<h1>This is a test page</h1>
		<p>This is test content.</p>
		<img src="/img/test.jpg">
				<td>Column 1</td>
				<td>Column 2</td>
Generous Free Plan

We believe in fair pricing. Hence, we offer you 1000 API requests pers month for free. No strings attached!

Request Builder

Getting started is easy. We provide an extensive request builder, that converts your requests into production ready code snippets.

Supports All Programming Languages

Zenscrape can be used with any programming language, as data can be simply retrieved by any HTTP client.

To provide you with the best developer experience possible, we also created a Postman collection covering all of our endpoints, including plenty of examples.

Location Based
zenscrape enables you to choose your proxy location to show geotargeted content.
Proxy Pool with Millions of IPs
Our API utilizes a huge IP pool that will withstand the largest web scraping project.
Automatic Proxy Rotation
Avoid running into a site's rate limiting and hide your scraping bot.
High Concurrency
When scraping large sets of data, concurrency quickly becomes an issue. We got you covered :)
JS Support

Javascript Rendering: Get exactly what a normal user would see

Tell our API to render your request in a modern headless Chrome browser. Your website is then rendered in the exact same way as real browsers would do it. You can focus on code-parsing, while we take care of data aggregation.

  • Javascript Rendering
    Javascript often has a great impact on what the user actually sees on a website. To ensure you retrieve what real users see, we render javascript.

    We also provide settings that allow you to wait for a specific element to appear.
  • All Frontend Frameworks Supported
    Websites and single page applications using Vue, React or other front-end frameworks are no longer a problem.

Get started with Zenscrape for free!


Best for hobby projects

$30 /mo

Buy Small

What's included

  • 250.000 Credits
  • 10 Concurrent Requests
  • Worldwide Geotargeting
  • JS Rendering
  • Standard Proxies
  • Premium Proxies
  • Self-Service Onboarding


More features, SLA

$90 /mo

Buy Medium

What's included

  • 1.000.000 Credits
  • 25 Concurrent Requests
  • Worldwide Geotargeting
  • JS Rendering
  • Standard Proxies
  • Premium Proxies
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Service Level Agreement


More requests

$200 /mo

Buy Large

What's included

  • 3.000.000 Credits
  • 50 Concurrent Requests
  • Worldwide Geotargeting
  • JS Rendering
  • Standard Proxies
  • Premium Proxies
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Service Level Agreement


For larger scraping projects

$300 /mo

Buy Very Large

What's included

  • 5.000.000 Credits
  • 100 Concurrent Requests
  • Worldwide Geotargeting
  • JS Rendering
  • Standard Proxies
  • Premium Proxies
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Prioritized Queue

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Use Cases

There are endless use cases for the zenscrape API. These are the most common ones. Let us know if you are unsure whether zenscrape is the right fit for your use case.

  • web crawling
    General Data Aggregation
    Our scraper API is the perfect tool to crawl any website. This includes websites that impose CAPTCHAs, IP Blacklisting and all other Anti-Bot measures. Stop spending your time for server setup and maintenance tasks. Let us do the work!
  • price data scraping
    Ecommerce: Price & Product Information
    Monitor prices and product information, such as availability and reviews, etc. Our web scraper API enables you to build a fully automated pricing and investment strategy, by monitoring prices and product trends.
  • contact data scraping
    Sales Leads
    Getting contact data is not difficult - getting highly targeted leads is! Use our scraper API to automatically scrape contact information from websites that fit your target group and let your sales team spend their time on the right leads.
  • review scraping
    Customer Reviews
    Scrape review platforms and retrieve data in a normalized & structured format. Our scraper API enables you to gather messy review data that are spread all over the internet, in one place and turn them into meaningful customer insights.
  • hiring data scraping
    Job & Hiring Data
    Scrape vacancies from job boards and career pages to analyze the hiring strategy of other companies. Our web scraping API enables you to find out their number of vacancies, hiring focus, and other valuable pieces of information.
  • real estate data scraping
    Real Estate Data
    Scrape real estate data from real estate platforms to understand the current market situation and development, or build a watch alert for properties that match your specific criteria. These information are indespensible when making smart purchasing decisions.

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