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Welcome to our guide all about web scraping! Have you ever been curious about how data appears on your favorite apps or websites? Well, that’s often thanks to a process called web scraping. No need to worry if this term sounds a tad technical – we’re here to simplify it for you. Picture the internet as an enormous treasure trove of information. Web scraper helps you get all the links and information.

Web scraper resembles having an ultra-smart robot that gathers and organizes specific books from the library for you. Simply put, it’s a method for extracting useful data from websites in an automatic manner. Imagine checking the online weather forecast. Instead of manually copying the details each day, web scraping can handle it for you. But its applications aren’t limited to weather updates.

Companies employ web scraping to collect data for market research, price comparisons, and monitoring of competitors. Within this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the intricacies of data scraping. So, let’s plunge in and unveil the mysteries of web scraping together!

Developers using free web scraping tools to get relevant data or scraped data from a web page

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping involves collecting various types of information from websites. It’s also referred to as web data extraction. People use web scraping for different reasons. Some examples are:

Tracking product prices

Getting news updates

Finding potential customers

Studying markets.

It helps individuals and businesses use internet information to make smarter decisions. Imagine if you’ve ever copied and pasted information from a website into a document. Web scraping does something similar, but it’s done by computers using smart technology. Instead of copying just a little bit, data scraping can gather lots and lots of information from the vast world of the internet.

Girl scraping data from a website by data scraping using a web scraping tool or other web scraping applications

Is Web Scraping Legal?

Web scraping is legal but you must follow the rules given below:

1. Don’t use the gathered data for anything harmful.

2. Don’t use it to directly hurt the website you’re getting the data from.

3. Avoid collecting private and personal information about people. There are laws in different places, like GDPR in the EU and CCPA in California, that protect this kind of information. While the US doesn’t have a national law for this yet, a mix of state rules and laws often help protect personal info.

So, remember, you can collect information from the web, but be careful not to use it in harmful ways or to collect private details about people.

How Do Web Scrapers Work?

So, how do web scrapers work? Automated data scrapers have a kind of simple yet tricky way of doing things. After all, websites are made for people to read, not computers.

First, the web scraper gets one or more website addresses (URLs) to look at before it starts grabbing data. It then takes all the secret code of the webpage, which is like its blueprint. Sometimes, if the scraper is smart, it also understands the webpage’s pictures and moving parts.

Then, the scraper does one of two things: it collects all the info on the page or picks out certain things the user wants. This is like searching for specific details in a big library book.

Ideally, the user tells the scraper what exact info to find on the page. For example, imagine you want prices and models from an Amazon product page but don’t need customer reviews.

Finally, the web scraper organizes all the info it finds into a file that’s easy for the user to use.

Girl using a browser extension for data extraction and data manipulation for extracted data through web crawling

What Are The Most Reliable Web Scraping Tools?

APIs are the most reliable web scraping tools so far. The reason behind this fact is that these APIs are connected to authentic databases. Here are some clear reasons why should we look for APIs when scraping web pages:

APIs give data in an organized and neat way. This means developers can easily get the data without dealing with messy website stuff.

APIs stay the same even if websites change their looks. This means the way you get data won’t suddenly stop working.

APIs need special permission, like a secret code, to use. This stops random people from taking data and makes sure the data is safe.

When you use an API, you know what data you’ll get and how it’ll look. This makes things predictable and less confusing.

APIs might slow down the amount of data you can take at once. This keeps websites from getting overloaded and keeps things fair.

The folks providing the API usually take care of it. So, if things change with the data, they’ll fix the API to match.


Zenscrape is a tool that lets anyone scrape information from the interne. It takes care of the tricky stuff in web scraping, like solving captchas, rotating IP addresses, and JavaScript rendering. Let’s explore its features.


  • You can click on what you want on a page and get it.
  • You can tell it when to start working and collect data automatically.
  • It works for a small amount of data (there’s a free plan) and also for big projects.
  • You can analyse and work with data in ways that suit you, like in Excel.
  • It comes with IP rotation that prevents blocking your requests.
  • Zenscrape has a fast API without QPS limitations.


You can test Zenscrape without paying with a free plan. (The free plan doesn’t need your credit card details.)

  • Free Plan
  • Small ($29.99/month
  • Medium ($89.99/month)
  • Large ($199.99/month)
  • Professional ($299.99/month)

Zenscrape web scraping bot with different programming languages in data collection process

What Are Web Scrapers Used For?

By now, you’re probably thinking about many ways web scrapers can be used. We’ve listed some common examples below and a few unique ones.

Real estate agents often use web scraping to gather information about available properties for sale or rent.

For example, a real estate agency uses it to create a system that automatically adds property details to the website. So, when you find a property listing on their site, they act as the agent for that property.

Some companies scrape the web to build big databases and learn specific things about certain industries. They then sell this useful information to other companies in those industries. For example, a company might gather and study a ton of data about oil prices, imports, and exports. Then, they can sell what they learn to oil companies worldwide.

You might have seen websites or apps that help you compare prices from different stores for the same item. These sites use web scrapers to fetch product details and prices from various stores daily. This lets them show you the info you need to see which store has the best deal.

Web scraping is also popular for finding leads, which are potential customers. Simply put, web scraping helps businesses discover people interested in what they offer. This is so popular that there’s even a whole guide about it.


Web scraping is a cool way to collect important info from websites. It’s super useful for lots of things like research, business, and understanding data. By making data collection automatic, web scraping saves time and helps us learn from a bunch of online info.

But remember, it’s important to use data scraping the right way, following rules, and being ethical. As technology keeps growing, web scraping remains a handy tool for tapping into the huge amount of info on the internet.


What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is extracting data from websites. It helps gather info for analysis, research, and decision-making.

Is Web Scraping Easy?

Web scraping can be both easy and complex, depending on the project and tools used. Basic tasks are manageable.

How Much Do You Get Paid For Web Scraping?

Web scraping pay varies based on complexity, data volume, and skills. It can range from freelance rates to substantial salaries.

Does Amazon Allow Web Scraping?

Amazon generally prohibits data scraping in its terms of use, but exceptions might exist with explicit permission or APIs.

Ready to simplify your web scraping tasks? Try out Zenscrape today and unlock a world of data effortlessly!

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