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Besides our web scraping tools, we also provide a huge variety of web scraping services. We build custom solutions that fit your needs. Chat with us for free!

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Automated Sales Intelligence

Contact information aggregation, competitor customer monitoring, highly targeted leads from your niche. We convert publicly available data in highly targeted leads for your sales team.

Brand Monitoring

Self-service brand monitoring tools are easy to use but never cover 100% of the data points that are important to you. Our custom brand monitoring is built specifically for on your companies focus area and requirements.

Review Aggregation

Power up your customer happiness by utilizing your customer reviews that are all spread over the internet. We aggregate reviews from all data points that are relevant to you and your company.

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E-Commerce scraping service

Price & Product Monitoring

When being in a competitive market, intelligent pricing and profit maximization are incredibly important to the success of your business. Our custom web scraping services enable you to track the market prices of your products and turn your static pricing adjustments into a dynamic and automated process, that maximizes profits. Also, it makes it easy to predict and visualize upcoming product trends and justify investment decisions.

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Realtime Website Data

You regularly need data from a website or from a set of URLs that are not available through an API? No problem - our website scraping services can scrape information from any website and return them to you in a structured and readable format of your choice. This also applies to websites that are difficult to scrape from a technical point of view.

Job & Hiring Data

Job boards and career pages are a great source to analyze a companies hiring strategy. You will be able to find out how many vacancies are currently open for hiring, if they are entering a new market and if they have a certain hiring focus in specific departments. Hiring data are a valuable data source when drawing your conclusions about the strategic approach of a company.

Machine learning model training

Data Sets for Machine Learning Models

Deep learning algorithms are just as good as the data that they have been trained with. Aggregating the needed numbers of data for a model to become reliable is a true challenge. We aggregate and provide the data sets for your machine learning model - ready for training. Data sets can consist of images, financial data, news data or any other kind. Our data scraping services make training data aggregation easy.

Alternative Data

Alternative data have become a popular through their use within the financial industry, since they help companies to make informed and fact based invesment decisions. Let us know what data you need and we will gather and structure them for you.

Did we miss anything?

The use cases above only shows a small portion of what is possible with web scraping and repesent the most common challenges of our customers. Let us know if your use case is not listed above and we are happy to discuss it with you personally.