Christoph Leitner Published: October 13, 2022 · 3 minutes read

As technology develops, the importance, quantity, and diversity of data become increasingly important. Today, artificial intelligence applications and business applications need data to come to life. There are many ways to obtain this data.

Among these ways, the most effortless and easy one is web data scraping. It avoids collecting data manually or purchasing datasets manually. So what is this web data scraping, let’s take a look at it.


What is Web Data Scraping

what is Web Data Scraping

Web data scraping refers to the extraction and parsing of data from a website. This information is collected and then transferred to a convenient format for the user.

Web data scraping is a way of collecting information from the web. The collected data is located on their website. The most common form is the collection of various information, already opened to the outside world, from one or more Internet sites.

However, it is also possible to collect the content of some Internet sites that request membership and even offer services in exchange for money by the web data scraping method. For this reason, some Internet sites take measures on their own in this regard, while others leave the work to flow.

Differences Between Web Data Scraping and Data Mining

Parsed data in web data scraping is made for reuse in most cases. Data mining mainly focuses on extracting new values from data. The studies that will be based on data mining tend to the science of algorithms rather than the technical approach.

Firstly, data mining can be used for online marketing by examining the data of your own business by collecting third-party data. To give an example of how it is applied in technical applications in data mining. For example, large amounts of data are obtained to study the behavior of a car in any situation.

What is the Best Web Data Scraping Way

In order for the web data scraping process to be smooth and efficient, there is a need to automate the process as much as possible. This includes the use of highly advanced tools and APIs such as proxies.

Of course, web data scraping can be done with other tools. Nevertheless, when combined with APIs, we see a smooth flow of data extraction and the easy elimination of many obstacles that are usually associated with data collection.

One of the most popular services that offer a web service for scraping web data is zenscrape.

Zenscrape: Best Data Extraction at Scale & Without Getting Blocked

Zenscrape provides the most used and most popular web data scraping service today. With the Zenscrape web data scraping API, the data of the targeted website is completely scrapped in just seconds. One of the answers is why the Zenscrape API is so popular that it works so fast.

One of the most annoying points in web data scraping is the proxy settings. Without proper configuration, the target website may hinder your web data scraping. Zenscrape API does a very successful job in this regard. Zenscrape API gives its users the ability to circumvent speed limits on target websites and hide their web data scraping bot.

web data scraping

It provides users with IP support to automate web data scraping. It uses a large enough pool of IPs to not cause any disruption to the largest web data scraping projects. This provides great convenience to users in web data scraping.

The accuracy of the scraped data is a very important consideration. Scraping missing data or obtaining erroneous data is one of the worst scenarios in web data scraping. Zenscrape API advocates that the accuracy of the scraped data is at the highest level. In this way, users can obtain both fast and accurate data without any interruption.

The API provided by Zenscrape can be used by all programming languages. For example, Java, Go, Rust, Javascript, PHP, and more. It also provides a very detailed Postman collection for testing the endpoints.


Web data scraping, whose use and popularity are increasing day by day, has a lot of benefits for businesses. You can get the data you need to use in your applications with the powerful API provided by zenscrape. See the documentation for more technical information and examples