Price Monitoring Service

We build custom price monitoring services that help your business to track prices and product information - anywhere on the web, including all major online retailers (e.g. Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay etc.) or any other company website.

We do this by aggregating reviews that are spread all over the internet and gather them in a structured and normalized format. Start utilizing your customer reviews and improve your customer service.

Typical price & product data that we monitor

Prices & Discounts
Get the price of a product and see whether it is effected by any occuring short term discount.
Product Availability
See if a prodcut is currently in stock and check it's current delivery time.
Product Reviews
Get customer reviews and customer ratings in a structured and normalized format.
Inventory Data
Check how many units of a product are available.
Product Features
Get product feature lists and feature descriptions.
And much more...
These are just a few samples. We can add any kind of data that are available on the related product pages.

How you get your custom price monitoring service

We have shaped a well structured process that ensures you are getting your requested results as fast as possible.

1. Talk to us
We discuss all requirements in a free call and consult you with the experience we have gained over the last years.
2. Sample Data
We generate a sample data set, based on the discussed details. This process only takes a few days.
3. Aggregation & Automation
We configure the enviroment to handle your project. From that moment, you will get your requested data.

Are you curious and want to learn more? Let's connect!

Our team is ready and eager to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us through the following channels and we'll be happy to assist you.