Shubham Published: December 9, 2022 · 4 minutes read

There have been many forces that have shaped the world since the history of humanity. Developments such as the invention of fire, steam engines, and electricity are the greatest examples of this shaping power. In the recent period, the concept of power has evolved in a very different direction. From muscle power to mechanization, from mechanization to data-based. We are in a data-driven era called Industry 4.0, where data is everything. The most important concept of this period is ‘data’.

Presumably, humanity has been collecting data since its existence. He looks at the tree and tries to collect data about it. He’s collecting data on a weed he finds as he tries to figure out if it’s lethal. In other words, in order to reach information, people have always tried to collect data about what they are curious about first.

In today’s sense, digital data has gained an increasing value since 2010. As a result of the widespread use of the internet with computers and mobile devices, many new data have been exposed and more data has been needed. Marketing, social work, and scientific research are among the fields that have realized how important user data is, especially in the last decade.

The importance and value of data on the part of businesses are also very high. From the establishment stage to the growth stage, businesses need data at every moment. This means the acquisition of data on a regular basis. So, how do businesses provide regular data flow from external sources to their databases today? The best way for this is web scraping.

What is Web Scraping

Web Scraping API

Web scraping is basically the process of collecting data from the internet by means of a tool.

This is usually done with software that simulates people browsing the web to obtain desired data from target websites.

HTML is a structure used to create web pages. Web scraping tools basically extract HTML code from target web pages.

Web scraping tools mostly do this via an API. There are many web scraping APIs available today. There is serious competition. However, Zenscrape provides the most preferred web scraping API among these APIs. It is actively used by more than 10,000 developers and businesses. It provides a large proxy pool free of charge in order not to cause any interruption in the automated processes to its customers.

Let’s take a look at how web scraping helps businesses with their marketing strategies.

What is the Impact of Web Scraping on Marketing Decisions

We talked about the importance of data for businesses. The most important aspect of data for businesses is the marketing strategies to be developed. Let us illustrate and evaluate the contributions of web scraping to marketing effects.

Analyzing customer needs

With web scraping, businesses can easily extract data from their target websites. However, it can scrape the information on what customers need in e-commerce environments, social media sites, or forums. In this way, businesses can find the opportunity to analyze the needs and as a result, they can offer the content they need directly to the customers.

Collecting products from the market

The products to be sold in online sales or drop shipping businesses and their up-to-dateness are very important. You can scrape the products you want to sell from the web scraping market, analyze their content and add them to your own website. In drop shipping, you can scrape products from your source website and add them directly to your website. Of course, for this, the stock status of the products on the source website should be checked at regular intervals.

Obtaining customer feedback

Analyzing the positive or negative comments made by the customers about the products provides a great benefit to the businesses in their marketing strategies. You can get customer feedback on the same products sold on competing websites with web scraping. By examining the negative comments you get, you can take marketing steps to make up for the deficiencies and make the customers who make negative comments happy.

Finding the most popular content/products in markets

With web scraping, it’s quite possible for businesses to take pinpoint marketing steps. Businesses can scrape the most preferred products or content online. The scraped data is analyzed and the necessary marketing steps can be easily taken in an angry competitive environment.

Product price monitoring

The area where web scraping is used most actively, especially by businesses that sell online, is to follow the price from the market. With the price data obtained instantly, businesses update their prices. For example, a business that sells the same product as its competitors scrapes its competitors’ products every minute and analyzes prices. In order to prevent competitors from taking the lead by lowering prices, the company that automatically makes web scraping as soon as the price drops also lowers the price of the product.


The importance of data in human life continues to increase. Since businesses are aware of the importance of data, they aim to obtain data in the fastest and highest quality way and strengthen their marketing strategies. If you want to grow your business and get what customers need from the market, explore the web scraping API provided by Zenscrape.